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Atlantis Relocation


Owner: NASA.
Location: Kennedy Space Center, FL


Project Description:

Ivey's Construction, Inc. was selected by DNC Parks & Resorts at KSC, Inc. (DNC) and NASA to lead a team to transport and install NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis in the new Orbiter Display Building at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Ivey's scope of work included: working closely with DNC and designer BRPH Engineers to develop the Transport and Lift Plans, transporting the orbiter from the Vertical Processing Building (VAB) to the New Orbiter Display Building at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, an orbiter test lift, the jacking of the orbiter into display position, and the final opening of the payload doors for display.

During the move Ivey's team members removed and replaced 23 traffic signals, 120 light poles, 56 traffic signs, and a high voltage line.

At the Orbiter Display Facility, the Orbiter was protected with 16,000 sq. ft. of shrink wrap. The Ivey's/Beyel team then used a combination of permanent and temporary support steel, an 800-ton hydraulic jacking system, and steel cribbing stands to raise the Orbiter 30 feet in the air. For safety, steel cribbing stands were utilized to provide redundant support at all four corners of the Orbiter support frame. A maximum of 2 inches of gap was allowed at any time. At that point, hinged center support columns were installed fore and aft. The orbiter was then rotated to its final display configuration at a 43.21-degree pitch. Permanent columns were then installed; the jacking system, cribbing, and the temporary support steel were removed.


Project Facts
  • Orbiter weight:  153,996 lbs.
  • Orbiter height:  54' - 6"
  • Orbiter wing span:  80' - 0"
  • Roll-Over Distance:  9.8 miles
  • OTS weight:  167,000 lbs. (gross, unloaded)
  • OTS length:  107' - 0"
  • OTS width:  20' - 0"
  • OTS axles:  10
  • OTS wheels:  76
  • OTS speed:  5 mph (max, loaded)
  • Remove and replace 120 light poles
  • Remove and replace 23 traffic signals
  • Remove and replace 56 traffic signs
  • Remove and replace 1 high voltage line (FPL)
  • Shrink wrap:  16,000 square feet

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