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Ivey’s Construction has built its safety program around the commitment to continuous improvement. This quest for safety excellence has been greatly augmented by our most valuable resource: Ivey’s employees. We encourage the consistent and active involvement of our people from upper management to our craft workers in making safety synonymous with Ivey’s Construction.

Our injury free environment is not just a safety program – it’s a culture at Ivey’s. We believe that accidents are not only avoidable but are unacceptable. It is this culture that ensures that our EMR is consistently well below the industry average.

The foundation for our safety system is a training program, which encompasses employees at all levels-enabling them to be both educated and responsible when it comes to project safety. This employee involvement process includes orientation, supervisor training, safety staff, hazard recognition, job safety analysis, safety meetings, incentive programs and safety committees, plus an emphasis on subcontractor safety.

Orientation. All new Ivey’s employees attend a new-hire orientation prior to assuming any job duties.

Safety Staff. Ivey’s has a full-time Corporate Safety Manager (with over 26 years of experience), including a safety trainer and safety representatives in the field.

Hazard Recognition. Site safety audits are conducted weekly on all Ivey’s Construction projects. Conducted by a site supervisor and at least one of the project’s craft workers, these audits help promote personnel involvement in safety issues as well as providing a forum to discuss techniques being used and possible alternative.

Job Hazard Analysis. At all job sites, the Ivey’s field supervisor originates a Job Safety Analysis (JHA) to ensure that proper thought and planning have gone into each phase of the work to be done.

Safety Meetings. Conducted weekly at all projects-daily during periods of peak activity- safety meetings are conducted by one of our field supervisors and address specific topics and concerns. Owner representatives often attend and speak at these meetings.

Subcontractor Safety. The actions of one contractor can impact everyone on a job site. For this reason, we issue a Subcontractor safety questionnaire to all subcontractors as a prerequisite to employment. The questionnaire is reviewed by the corporate safety director to ensure compliance with Ivey’s requirements and expectations.

Ivey’s Construction focus on safety has been recognized both regionally and nationally – a testament to the impact of our all-out commitment to providing the safest work environment possible.

The most important measurement of our safety program isn’t how many awards we have won or what safety statistics we have for any given year. It’s that every night, our employees leave the jobsite and go home safely to their families. That is what we call success.


Manny Rivera
Manuel A. Rivera, Jr., CHST
Corporate Safety Manager

Manny started his career at Ivey’s Construction in September of 2007 as a Corporate Safety Manager and to this day has 26 years of safety experience. Manny reports directly to the Company President and responsibilities include managing and administering the total Company Safety and Health Accident Prevention Program.

Manny assists and supports the Vice-Presidents, Company Project Managers, Superintendents, and Foremen in establishing and maintaining an effective safety and health program by:



Work History

09/07 to Present   Ivey’s Construction Inc.
Merritt Island, Florida
Corporate Safety Manager
12/05 to 06/07   American Eagle Construction Inc.
Satellite Beach, Florida
Safety Manager
01/03 to 05/05   All Points Logistics
Titusville, Florida
Industrial Safety Specialist, Kennedy Space Center (NASA)
12/79 to 09/02   United States Air Force
Patrick AFB, Florida
Superintendent of Safety
(Honorable Discharge)





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